Why choose French Doors

French doors are a hugely common product of modern and updated homes as they can make a huge difference to the look of a room creating an oasis between home and garden. As soon as you open the doors out to your garden it will feel like a whole new space and they’re great at letting sunlight in and keeping cold air out in the window.

French doors traditionally open outwards to your garden meaning you can have a completely open space as opposed to sliding doors which can only partially open. This means they are especially good for smaller areas as they can make the space feel bigger. During the summertime chances are you can keep your French doors open while you move between your outdoor space/ patio and your indoor living areas.

One of the biggest advantages associated with French doors is how much light they can add to a room. With glass panels nearly from floor to ceiling even in the winter sunlight will stream in making your space seem light and airy. This is especially useful for smaller rooms which can look more closed-in when they’re darker. The power of light is second to none.

According to numerous estate agents French doors will raise the value of your home and have a good return on investment comparing how cheap they can be compared to large projects such as extensions and conservatories. The upfront costs might seem a lot but if you choose to sell your home further down the line you will benefit from it then.

The price of French doors can vary massively but it is worth spending more and opting for double glazed glass which has an extra layer of glass compared to single glazing alongside an air cavity. Double glazing will help to keep noise to a minimum – perfect if you live in noisy areas or just want more peace and quiet. Double glazed French doors will also help reduce your energy and heating costs as less heat will escape through them as it has further to go, this means your home will be warmer meaning you won’t need to crank up the heating as much.

When thinking of installing French doors it’s worth thinking of the surrounds as well. Although uPVC can be a slightly more expensive option it is durable, long lasting and really low maintenance and will not need repainting like other versions. French doors can also be used within the house as interior doors, most commonly to go from a house to a conservatory. These tend to work out cheaper as the outside of the French doors as not exposed to the harsh conditions of the outside world.

French doors might be costly in the beginning but they can add light to your property, a seamless transition between areas and keep your energy bills down as heat fails to escape.

myriadWhy choose French Doors

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