Noise Reducing French Doors

Double glazing is the standard for most properties now from smaller windows right through to larger French doors. Double glazing essentially uses two panes of glass with a few millimetres of air in between them (or a special gas like argon). Having an additional layer and the argon gas or air in the middle means that is it harder for things to escape through the French doors. This is great for keeping out draughts, the cold weather won’t enter your house as easily and the heat won’t escape your house as quickly. This is especially important for outside noise as well.

Using double glazing for your French doors and windows can be a huge help with noise reduction. You might live by a busy motorway or road, close to an airport or just in a neighbourhood which can get noisy, so noise reduction is going to be high on your list of requirements.  With a large population of millions of people here in the UK, it can be quite hard to find any peace and quiet anywhere. Noise can have a negative effect on your life, making it hard to sleep or concentrate and causing general annoyance, so preventing it is very important.

Choosing double glazing for your French doors will help, as the additional layer of glass and gas/air will make it harder for noise to enter your property, meaning things stay quieter inside. It has been estimated that double glazed windows can reduce noise by up to 35 decibels. This will work the same for your French doors, meaning more peace and quiet for you.

Usually the second layer of glass within double glazed French doors is thicker which means that they will absorb even more sound than your original doors would have. These are especially commonplace in areas such as conservatories when the whole area is usually made from glass. The amount of air space between each layer of the glazing can make a difference as if there is too little space between the panes more noise can filter through due to less airspace. So a larger cavity and therefore thicker window areas can reduce outside noise even further.

Open gaps around doors and windows can be one of the main culprits of noise so sealing up these areas can reduce noise. There’s no point having double (or even triple) glazing if the frames aren’t sealed properly because if air can get in then sound can be too.

Double glazed French doors not only reduce noise but can cut your energy bills by hundreds of pounds a year as heat won’t escape through the single panes of glass easily and if you opt for uPVC they’re incredibly low maintenance. uPVC will allow you to have no replacement or maintenance of the frames like you would if you went for more traditional timber frames and they are so easy to clean.

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