Noise Reducing French Doors

Double glazing is the standard for most properties now from smaller windows right through to larger French doors. Double glazing essentially uses two panes of glass with a few millimetres of air in between them (or a special gas like argon). Having an additional layer and the argon gas or air in the middle means that is it harder for things to escape through the French doors. This is great for keeping out draughts, the cold weather won’t enter your house as easily and the heat won’t escape your house as quickly. This is especially important for outside noise as well.

myriadNoise Reducing French Doors
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Why choose French Doors

French doors are a hugely common product of modern and updated homes as they can make a huge difference to the look of a room creating an oasis between home and garden. As soon as you open the doors out to your garden it will feel like a whole new space and they’re great at letting sunlight in and keeping cold air out in the window.

myriadWhy choose French Doors
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How to clean uPVC French Doors

If you’ve chosen uPVC French doors then you’ve chosen one of the most durable, low maintenance options out there. And not only will you save money on your heating bills with heat not escaping, you’ll save money on the upkeep and maintenance of your French doors.

myriadHow to clean uPVC French Doors
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Can French Doors Save on Energy?

You can lose up to 20% of your home’s heat through single glazed windows, and with doors having a larger surface area chances are single glazed French doors can lose even more of your homes heat.

myriadCan French Doors Save on Energy?
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